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Letter: A call for neighborly design

I attended the Aspen City Council meeting on Feb. 24. After listening to the pros and cons, I feel that the major complaint with the Hotel Aspen proposal is the increased height.

Yes, we need moderately priced rooms in Aspen. Owning a hotel myself, with 300 square foot rooms, I know that size works and is satisfactory for a couple with one or two children. The square footage of the three buildings on Bleeker Street is too much for the area and not fair to the neighbors; the size, including the height, should be reduced. The buildings will be here forever and should not annoy the neighbors.

I would prefer a more Victorian or Western look; it adds to the charm of Aspen and is one of the reasons tourist come here. I was in my late 30s when I first came here from Long Island, N.Y., and found the Western and Victorian look pleasing; a wonderful change from Long Island and NYC. The comment that young people enjoy the modern look is not necessarily true; young people also have taste.

The developers may need a few extra years to make a profit to do the job correctly. I know — it took me many years to recap my investment, but I don’t have any complaining neighbors.

Loretta DeRose


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