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Let’s protect coveted property in Basalt

If you are in downtown Basalt at the Sunday Market or Lyons Park, look along Midland Avenue toward the library. It will be apparent that it does not connect to the recently sodded strip of land along the Roaring Fork River. You’ll note that all that’s blocking the view are two 6-foot-high temporary fences. Imagine a two-story building on the upstream side totally blocking that view. This is what the pro-development forces would like to see happen.

We can do better.

After continuous misinformation, we are now learning that the town may well have enough funds to purchase the entire parcel without the dreaded property tax increases previously proposed. If this parcel is purchased by the town, the upstream half can easily become the last essential part of our “park,” leaving the other half zoned for commercial development. Even with a conservative estimate of its value, the entire parcel can well be paid off in four years with no additional funding necessary.

The same people who are now trying to convince us the costs to the town are so prohibitive that the parcel needs to be developed told us last summer the new drainage culvert and sod along the river would cost millions when, in fact it was less than $300,000. We need to protect this land. If you agree, let your elected officials know how you feel. We need your voice.

David Lambert


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