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Let’s make a deal with the deal-maker in chief

It’s time for the Dems to make a border wall deal with the functional illiterate who didn’t write “The Art of the Deal.”

We’ll go ahead and build his incredibly ignorant, morally reprehensible, racially motivated, ultimately ineffective, and extravagantly expensive wall along our southern border in exchange for a comprehensive Dream Act, sweeping immigration reform giving all undocumented immigrants an achievable and expeditious path to citizenship, a welcome mat for those who only want to work and contribute to our society, and asylum for those who are fleeing intolerable violence.

We’ve already mortgaged our grandchildren’s future with a $1.3 trillion deficit. What’s another $5.7 billion?

Of course, the nationalistisch in the White House will never go for this, but at least then it’ll be clear who’s responsible for the government shutdown.

Fred Malo Jr.


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