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Kudos: March 11, 2018

Thank you, search party

A couple of weeks ago my snowboard fell off the bus. I was in Aspen for an instructor certification, and I put my board on the outside of the bus at Rubey Park. By the time we got to Buttermilk, it was gone. While it was a devastating loss, the experience showed me how kind and compassionate Aspen residents are.

As soon as I told the certification examiners, they sprang into action. Jon Delk notified the Roarting Fork Transportation Authority, the resort and Facebook while Nick Harris found a board I could borrow. I got to ride Alex Kendrick’s board, which I’m not sure Alex even knew. Sorry, Alex, if you were not OK with that. Bus drivers kept an eye out for my snowboard as they drove their routes. I learned later that Annette Sherriff, who I never even met, walked from Aspen to Buttermilk and back looking for it. My friend Evan Speegle talked with RFTA and notified the police. My entire exam group checked in with me regularly.

I felt like the whole town of Aspen was out looking for my board. Most of these people didn’t even know who I was, and yet they took time to help a complete stranger. Almost everyone I met knew about my board and offered sympathy. I had expected to feel overwhelmed and alone, but instead I felt supported and cared for.

Despite the effort of so many people, I never did find my board. However, Wilko gave me a second-hand board to take back with me. I also took back a sense of Aspen’s strong and loving community. And that could never fall off the side of a bus.

I really appreciate and thank everyone who helped me.

Cassie Mason


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