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Kill the S-curves

We can’t have four lanes of traffic because it will attract more cars? There are too many cars driving around searching for parking, so we should eliminate more parking in the core to provide more alternative modes of transportation? We should look at ride-share vehicles, self driving vans, fleets of scooters?

None of these sound like a vast reduction in vehicles. No ride-share or public transportation system will reduce the necessary base vehicle traffic idling through the S-curves: the contractors, supply trucks, Independence Pass through-travelers, campers, climbers, and people in general going places where the bus doesn’t run.

Eliminating a flow restriction will necessarily reduce the constriction getting in and out of town. I live on Main Street, so I see every day where the traffic flows and where it doesn’t. I can tell you with certainty that the backup leaving town has absolutely nothing to do with finding parking. It has to do with science, with the hard fact that reducing from two lanes to one will cause a back up. It’s a clogged sink with a simple solution. We don’t need a traffic engineer; we need a plumber!

I recently visited my family outside of Boston. Just getting onto the highway used to be a nightmare at rush hour because everyone had to pass the dreaded toll booth. Just recently they ripped out those old booths in favor of a fully electronic system comparable to the highways around Denver. And bam! All of a sudden, no traffic. No restriction. No 10-minute stop-and-go just to get on a highway.

The moral of the story is get rid of the S-curves. The last poll in The Aspen Times showed this as the most favored option amongst those participating. For there to be no will for this on the council tells me they don’t know their constituents, they don’t understand the problem, and they don’t understand basic physics.

Todd Wilson


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