Khalsa the man for Garfield County Sheriff |

Khalsa the man for Garfield County Sheriff

I am very grateful to Paramroop Khalsa for courage in bringing his understanding and perspective to Garfield County. Khalsa has shown a keen knowledge of human dynamics and that makes him eminently prepared and fit to take on the Garfield County Sheriff’s job. The gas industry is fearful of the people that live around their cheaply bought leases. This fear is inculcated into the government entities that they deal with. They are bullies and the people at the top in government have become bullies in their cause. That Khalsa understands that the culture at the top defines the actions and attitudes in the ranks demonstrates to me that Khalsa would be a beneficial addition to our county governing culture. Just as good is attracted to love, crime is attracted to fear, Khalsa obviously knows this from personal experience. Khalsa would make an excellent sheriff and he would improve much of the culture in our county. Write in Khalsa for Garfield County Sheriff in November.

John Hoffmann


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