Keep roads open to off-road vehicles |

Keep roads open to off-road vehicles

On Wednesday the county is holding a public meeting at the Pitkin County Library about the use of off-road vehicles on county roads. If you would love to see our county road stay open to ATVs, please show up and voice your opinion.

When I was a young boy, I was told to play nicely in the sandbox with the other kids. I choose to see the backcounty via my dirt bike. It is plated and has an off-road sticker, so I’m doing everything legal. Now I’m hearing people complain that while they are hiking on Richmond Ridge they are having to deal with off-road vehicles.

Hello. You’re on a county road made for motorized vehicles. If you want peace and quiet, there are thousands of miles of hiking trails in wilderness that you can go hike and not have to hear our vehicles. You don’t see me asking to open up some wilderness for me to ride. I’ve accepted the play box that we have.

Ian Long

Snowmass Village

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