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J’Accuse President Trump

Former FBI Director James Comey is a man of integrity, and in his statement under oath before the Senate Intelligence Committee, he showed his sincerity.

White House statements about Comey’s firing because the FBI’s lack of confidence in him are plain, flat-out lies.

I believe the White House excuse that President Donald Trump did not understand that the FBI director and the FBI are to be independent of political patronage, is false. I would submit that Trump is surely not that naive.

I submit that is exactly what he tried to, and when Comey rebuffed him, Trump fired him.

I’d like those in the White House who are critical of Comey, including Trump’s private counsel, would agree to make their allegations and comments under oath as Comey did. I am pretty sure they will not.

Because Comey is a “public figure,” it is almost impossible for him to win a lawsuit for defamation and those making these false allegations know it.

Those who know Comey know he is a man of integrity and truth telling.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Trump and those who surround him.

Phil Walter


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