It’s time to start working together |

It’s time to start working together

As a member of this midvalley community, I am voting “Yes” on 7A. Crown Mountain Park and all it offers is what makes our community so special. The suggestion that there is no transparency in the way the park is operated is false. The financial information for the park is online and could not be more transparent. The idea that there is no guarantee how the funds will be used is half baked as the board and management care deeply about our park and its users. Stop the accusations and start working together. I do not support Basalt Town Council members running for Crown Mountain Park Board positions when their intention is to undermine everything the park provides for its users. There is no sunset on the mill-levy increase because maintenance requires proper funding for future generations. I encourage you to vote “Yes” on 7A and return your ballots by May 8.

Carol Hawk


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