Interior adjustments only on Boomerang project |

Interior adjustments only on Boomerang project

The information presented by David Singer in opposition to the minor proposed adjustments to the Boomerang redevelopment is in error.

He asserts that the neighborhood is a “residential” area, while in fact it has had for many years a number of lodges.

And that includes the Boomerang, which was built 50 years ago and functioned until the present redevelopment plan was brought to a halt in the financial crisis of 2008 to 2012.

What is now proposed is exactly the same plan that was approved over a decade ago, with 47 lodge keys and the reconstitution of a lodge that had existed for decades.

The present proposal is simply an interior adjustment with no changes to the already approved height and mass.

The neighborhood has always had a residential aspect — and also has always had a lodge component.

James DeFrancia


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