Inspiring words by Aspen mayoral candidates |

Inspiring words by Aspen mayoral candidates

Mystery surrounds the mob of candidates chasing the mayor’s seat in Aspen. The curious strain to understand why so many seek an office demanding countless hours in pointless meetings ignored by the citizens, while permanent city employees advance their private agendas unperturbed by council oversight.

So I asked the candidates, “Why are you running?” Promised anonymity, the candidates were candid for a change. Their actual answers are printed below. Try to figure out who gave which answer.

“It might as well be me; after all, it doesn’t matter who’s mayor in Aspen.” “I’m perfect; I’m inattentive and indecisive.” “My ego craves it.” “That’s what career politicians do; we run; we can’t help it.” “To cover the city manger’s butt.” “Who knows, this time I might win.” “I’m perfect; I lack drive and imagination.” “I termed out on the other gig.” “Mick told me to.” “My life’s adrift; I need the city manager to tell me what to do.” “I’m perfect; I’m just like the last guy.” “If I lose, I still have two years on council.” And my favorite: “I couldn’t think of anything better to do this year.”

Maurice Emmer


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