How to unlock Aspen’s traffic grid |

How to unlock Aspen’s traffic grid

1. Stop listening to the idiots who know how to exacerbate the problem!

2. Install stop lights on all the arteries leading into the “circus.”

3. In the morning, from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., adjust the lights as follows:

• The main artery, killer Highway 82 upvalley, must be green for 10 minutes while all the others are red.

• Then, for one minute, all the others must be green while the killer 82 is red.

• In the late afternoon (3 p.m. to 6 p.m.), the scenario is reversed. Downvalley traffic gets a green light for 10 minutes, then a red for one minute. All other capillaries get a red for 10 minutes, then a green for one minute.

• All of the capillaries onto 82 get red 10 minutes, then green for one minute (airport etc.).

4. Don’t allow the “experts” to constrict the existing infrastructure with bicycle lanes and pedestrian islands.

5. Remember, this is not rocket science; stoplights were invented several years ago to control traffic flow.

6. The “circus” has always been the problem, not the solution!

Verne Gurholt


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