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Housing rules there for a reason

Howard Moglewer has a lot of negative things to say about the Aspen-Pitkin Housing Authority in his letter to the Aspen Times on Aug. 11 (“Fear and Loathing’ in Old Ute City”). Apparently Moglewer has not grasped the idea behind employee housing. Housing scofflaws need to have heavy fines so they realize that they are violating the principals of the APCHA program. The idea of this program is not to allow owners and renters to “gain ground” in the valley housing market. It is to allow bonafide workers an affordable place to live. The appreciation caps achieve this process quite efficiently. There also is a cap on the amount of improvements you can charge off during your tenure in your unit. This keeps the house flippers and the “I need to make a lot of money off of my unit” bunch out of the program. The upkeep of many of the affordable units is built into the contract. We have many cases in Pitkin County of people that do not deserve to have an affordable unit because of their income who are lying and cheating APCHA, or that is, are trying to. The bottom line is follow the rules or don’t let the door slap you in butt on the way out.

James A. Wingers


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