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Hauenstein’s record is City Council worthy

Ballots will hit your mailbox as early as April 11. Votes will be cast by mail that week; even though results won’t be known until May, the Aspen City Council election could be decided by the end of next week. It’s important to cast your ballot and to cast it in the interests of the residents of Aspen.

Cast one of your votes for Ward Hauenstein. Because Ward shows up.

When City Council was trying to build an over-budget hydroelectric plant that would destroy miles of Castle Creek’s ecosystem, Ward showed up to stop the city. When City Council was granting endless variances to any developer who applied, Ward showed up and led a successful effort to adopt Referendum 1 to amend the city charter to stop the trend. When City Council defied state law by granting enormous variances to build Base 2 at the Conoco station site, Ward showed up and led the referendum that stopped it.

If Ward hadn’t showed up, City Council wouldn’t have undertaken the much-needed revisions of the city’s land-use code.

Whenever there has been an important issue before City Council, Ward has shown up to offer his advice. Consistently, Ward has had insights that City Council members, frankly, overlook. Ward even shows up at City Council when members of City Council themselves have skipped the meeting.

It’s time to put Ward on City Council and give him an official vote on the important issues that will determine the future of Aspen.

Maurice Emmer


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