Growth should fund bus route |

Growth should fund bus route

I think RFTA is great for this valley. If more funding is needed due to anticipated growth, I think the growth should fund it. I know Eagle County has encouraged urban growth on several properties. I think each new development should fund their part of the extra needs of RFTA, as well as schools, water, parks, etc., instead of letting the developers get rich and the rest of us pick up the costs. I know Burlingame has a fee in their homeowner’s dues to help fund the bus route. Aspen businesses are creating the need for more employees, who need to live downvalley, so they also should pick up some downvalley costs. I have a friend who lives on Smuggler who pays the exact same property tax as I do, however, his property value is $1 million while mine is $300,000. We in the midvalley have disproportionately high mill levies already. My income has not increased due to more people moving to the valley! Denise Handrich

Lazy Glen

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