From Snowmass to Snowmassive |

From Snowmass to Snowmassive

Congratulations to the Aspen Skiing Co. and their financial partners on the construction of the unimpressively massive buildings at One Snowmass. How many is “One”?

They certainly get the award for the most windows on the north side of any building, which of course will never see the sun. I am usually a little behind the times, but that certainly does not meet my definition of energy efficiency. Will the rooftop solar collectors really offset the heat loss?

At least the occupants of “Which One?” Snowmass will have a commanding view of the “Stick It” sculpture in the middle of the roundabout. I am sure that must be a highlight of the marketing materials, and is certainly worth the price of admission.

And by the way, after reading Lorenzo Semple’s column about ski boots, I realize I was mistaken. I thought he was a skier.

Just another day in Anytown, USA.

Craig Jones

Snowmass Village

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