For survival of human race, vote yes on Prop 112 |

For survival of human race, vote yes on Prop 112

Fracking is clearly harmful to human health and the health of our planet. Physician groups including the American Medical Association and Physicians for Social Responsibility warn about the health and environmental dangers of fracking — and of fossil fuels in general. Global warming is the greatest health threat of the 21st century. For survival of the human race and a livable planet, we must move beyond fossil fuels — now. Vote “yes” on Proposition 112, and vote for Paula Stepp and Diane Mitsch Bush, who are more likely than their opponents to stand up to Big Oil and Gas, and do the right thing.

George Bohmfalk, M.D., retired neurosurgeon, Carbondale

Steve Hessl, M.D., retired occupational medicine physician, Carbondale

Leslie Fuller, D.O., retired anesthesiologist, Glenwood Springs

Greg Feinsinger, M.D., retired family physician, Carbondale

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