FIS doesn’t own Aspen |

FIS doesn’t own Aspen

Hear, hear to Steve Marolt’s letter (“Community blackmail by Gorsuch Haus, FIS,” March 23, 2017, The Aspen Times). Totally correct as to the amazing job done by Aspen Skiing Co., the workers and volunteers, the entire valley showing up and shouting out. Every race and concert right on time. Everything thought of as to getting to the race venue as well as the great fan zone.

Steve was also totally correct about the not-even-veiled attempt at manipulation by FIS of our city. Whether you are for or against Gorsuch Haus, your ire must have risen at that blatant attempt of blackmail. It was evident just from reading the headline. Shame, shame, shame on thinking this town’s intelligence was so low that their manipulation would not be noticed.

This town may have one of the collective highest IQs around. FIS, it was fun. Thanks for stopping by. But you don’t own us.

Sheilah Bryan


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