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Explore storing water under North Star Preserve

Regarding Paul Menter’s column on Oct. 11 in the Aspen Daily News, as a long-time Aspen resident and former director of the Water Department for the City of Aspen, I have some serious reservations regarding the practicality of the proposed Woody Creek reservoir.

It makes no sense to pump water uphill to satisfy Aspen’s domestic needs, especially since there is a larger, underground aquifer east of Aspen, located under the North Star Preserve, that could be accessed without detrimental effects to the Nature Preserve. This option should be explored before spending money at Woody Creek.

Many years ago, Aspen had energy independence from a hydroelectric plant powered by flows from both Castle and Maroon creeks. That is longer possible politically because of selfish NIMBYs who have immigrated to Aspen from other locales during recent years. These historic water rights established over a century ago are still viable; they must be preserved for beneficial and adjudicated uses, and not only for our domestic consumption but also for our energy independence.

So, bring back the Quiet Years!

Jim Markalunas


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