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Elements of the Third Reich

As a student of central European history, I am more than a little familiar with the reign of the Third Reich and am terrified by the similarity to our current presidential administration. The similar elements of the current administration are as follows: the message of hate and fear, the identification of scapegoats, the disregard for the truth, the intolerance of dissent, the heavy influence from the military, the despotic practice of executive orders circumventing the legislature and the judiciary branches, nationalism, racism, bigotry, xenophobia and Steve Bannon.

After all this gloom and doom, it may surprise you that I am an optimist. Here are my reasons for hope: The Millennials will save us; true Republicans and conservatives will recognize that the current administration is not one of them and oppose it; incompetence will show; decency, dissent and resistance. The Third Reich saw very little of the last three at first. The current administration is seeing a lot. Keep it up!

Fred Malo Jr.


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