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Electric Avenue

As a lifelong cyclist who continues to ride hard, although now when I put the hammer down not much happens, I wonder how long it will be before I may need some assistance on the mountain trails and bike paths to continue to enjoy our mountains and my passion.

It seems to me there’s a big difference between “electric-assisted” pedal bikes and “pedal-assisted” electric bikes. The former requires you to pedal but helps to varying degrees on various terrain situations. Great for rehab, declining lung function from disease, seniors, etc. The latter you can just sit there and cruise until the battery dies. No fitness involved, until the battery does die and you end up pedaling a 60-pound bike.

Do we really want to throw the e-assisted pedal bikes on to the highways to do battle? E-bikes go faster than the pedal-assisted ones, so it may be better to keep them off the paths for safety to other users.

It’s a real can of worms, but it seems one bike is still a bicycle and the other not so much.

Gee, more micromanaging may be necessary. Bummer!

Greg Paul

El Jebel

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