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Election too important not to vote

This election has huge repercussions to our nation and the world. Democracy is at risk in the U.S. with voter ID laws, polling place closures, gerrymandering and voting rights lost to folks trapped by the judicial system. Russian hackers are ignored after throwing our 2016 election and costing $10 billion in damages according to Obama’s White House. The massive tax cuts to the .01 percent will lead to cuts in Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. The transportation tax on this ballot and $35 Faster license plate fee was caused by privatizing causing soon insolvency of the Federal Transportation Trust Fund and it will be tried again with other pots of money. We have turned our back on allies, embraced murderous tyrants and worked to dissemble world safeguards. Get out the vote. Work for clean air, water, soil, food and protect our public safety nets. Vote and make sure your kids vote.

John Hoffmann


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