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Eagle County fails midvalley residents

The following is an open letter to Eagle County Commissioners Jill Ryan and Jeanne McQueeney, who voted Monday to approve the Tree Farm project in El Jebel.

I am disappointed in your decision Monday night. To approve the Tree Farm development just for 50 affordable-housing units is appalling, and irresponsible. This development will increase the need for housing to house the employees it creates.

Sixty days, really? Couldn’t you see where this is a real problem for those at the meetings who hope to live there? These places are not attainable for them to buy.

My view of Eagle County government is that you just don’t care how this development affects our valley in so many negative ways. This project does not give back to our community; it destroys its quality.

When your example of a small-town atmosphere is Vail, I understand why you supported the developer all the way!

Patrice K. Becker


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