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Dump the landfill billboard

Billboard for the Pitkin County dump? You are kidding, right?

Back in the 1960s, one-time Aspen Mayor Bugsy Barnard took a chainsaw to billboards in the county and helped pass laws banning both billboards and neon lights in Pitkin County and Aspen.

Fast forward to 2017, and we need a billboard to announce the location of the county dump?

For decades the county sign code has limited the size of signs with a current limit of 8 square feet. The proposed billboard is nearly seven times the size permitted by code. Ninety-nine percent of people going to the dump know where it is, and for those people who need to find the dump (or the politically correct “landfill and recycling center”), it is pretty simple to get directions via ubiquitous mobile mapping apps.

A billboard for the county dump is unnecessary, inappropriate and a violation of code. What is next, a billboard for the county jail, assessor’s office or perhaps a neon sign on the top of the hospital?

Rethink this decision.

Mike Maple


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