Does Aspen government care about our safety? |

Does Aspen government care about our safety?

While the city is trying to promote alternatives to vehicles by revising roadways for bicycles and creating walking lanes for safety, other areas are much less safe.

Take for instance the Castle Creek Bridge. Last year, the city recognized the unsafe conditions by widening the sidewalk and installing barriers to protect the public from the cars, trucks and buses. It was a great step for safety, but this year these measures have been removed. Why would the city do this?

Secondly, the crosswalks across Main Street have deteriorated to the point where the painted lines are partly invisible to drivers. Why would the city allow this to happen? As a biker, I no longer feel safe bicycling around town.

This is not the way to promote walking and biking. Is the city of Aspen oblivious to these conditions? Please keep us safe.

Alan Sirkin


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