Direct democracy over crooked politicians |

Direct democracy over crooked politicians

What is really sad is that there are people who believe the highly slanted propaganda coming out of the Aspen Institute is some kind of great idea. Last week all of the Clinton losers were in town to bemoan their fate. The people chucked them out because they were corrupt and incompetent. Unfortunately under the two-party system, the other side is just as bad. One party, two heads.

You can go anywhere in the world where there is a so-called democracy, and you will find a bunch of crooks getting fat on the backs of those who actually produce something.

Here’s an idea: Dump the politicians. Get rid of them altogether. With the internet and blockchain technology, we could have direct democracy. Instead of politicians, there could be a council of advisers — experts who could advise the public on proposals. The only job of the government would be to carry out the people’s wishes.

Except for a reluctance to change, it would be possible to have universal health care, a decent retirement income and a financial system not based on a lifetime of debt.

Richard Gordon


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