Development takes away from scenic setting |

Development takes away from scenic setting

Editor’s note: This letter was originally addressed to the Pitkin Board of County Commissioners.

We are a group of women who enjoy traveling — Aspen is one of our favorite destinations, particularly the backcountry. The Larsen family has been our hosts for over 30 years.

We love Pitkin County — enjoy hiking its trails, skiing its slopes and communing with nature (most of us live in big cities). The Larsen family’s large property on Richmond Ridge is a treasured destination for our group. This past summer, we enjoyed a wonderful picnic at the rustic Larsen A-frame.

Naturally, we are aghast by the recent development request to build a house with suburban niceties right next to Larsen’s property — a family that has stewarded its land for so many years!

We can’t believe that this could happen in such an extraordinary place and are very concerned about the precedent of this type of development adjacent to federal lands.

We urge you to deny this development and preserve this area.

Val Hood, Daytona Beach, FL; Kate Bechet, Boston; Kathy Castor, Tampa, FL; Simone Handler, San Francisco; Susan Kennedy, Montgomery, AL; Lori Levi, New York City; Kathi Morgan, Boulder; Tracey Wolfson, Philadelphia.

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