Development on Maroon Creek is too extreme |

Development on Maroon Creek is too extreme

The Celestial building project on Maroon Creek is too extreme to ignore. I lived on Maroon Creek for over five years and was always concerned that this huge complex would eventually be built. Its location on the way to the Maroon Bells makes it of heightened concern for the community. Celestial chose its project location for the views it offers, but they ignored the fact that it is in an avalanche zone and below a steep pitch. As a result, Celestial will get its views and we get a blighted hillside that is stripped of trees and covered with large concrete walls going in all directions. These walls will lead to a humongous concrete chute that dumps debris flow into a hideous man made basin. This is one of the most extreme types of avalanche mitigation and it will degrade the beauty and health of the Maroon Creek valley. Pitkin County should take this opportunity to deny Celestial the use of unlimited concrete walls to achieve their development goals. This is the Board of County Commissioners’s job and I hope they will protect our scenic areas.

Daniel Joseph Watkins


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