Deplorable behavior by Aspen liberals |

Deplorable behavior by Aspen liberals

I just read the open letter to the Trump children printed in The Aspen Times on March 21 (“An open letter to the First Family”). How incredibly offensive of you. First off, you do not own Aspen any more than Donald Trump owns New York City.

Secondly, you seem to think it is perfectly neighborly of you to hurl insults, wear “pussy” hats (whatever that is), wave signs and generally make their trip to Aspen unpleasant.

Would you similarly be proud of that behavior if right-wing loons attacked and made Barack Obama’s children’s trip to Aspen unpleasant? How about if Hillary had won and people stalked Chelsea Clinton haranguing her constantly?

What exactly have the children of Trump done that offends you? They are all lifelong Dems. That’s right, their only offence is being Trump’s children, and for the left loons, that is enough!

You should be ashamed.

Joseph Joyce


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