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D.C. corruption at its worst

Dear Rep. Scott Tipton,

What do we have to do to get our elected representatives out of the pockets of the corporations and the rich?

The recent tax scam was not a Christmas present to the middle class. It was a payback to the filthy rich corporations and the moneyed class who extravagantly contributed to your campaign fund.

We can’t curb the greenhouse gas emissions that are destroying our climate because you and your colleagues are so deeply indebted to Big Oil. We can’t get cheap drugs from Canada or control Big Pharma’s contributions to the opioid epidemic because of the hold they have on our legislators. Industry representatives sit on the commissions that are supposed to regulate those industries.

In 2016, you outspent Gail Schwartz 4-1. I understand your war chest is already four times that of Diane Misch Bush and Karl Hanlon combined.

Of all the evils of capitalism, perhaps the worst is it puts our government up for sale. How do we the people take back our government?

Fred Malo Jr.


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