Cut Justice Snow’s some slack |

Cut Justice Snow’s some slack

Please, city fathers, do your job and protect our precious culture. More important than a business model that is not working financially is one, if not the only, old Aspen establishment that still provides a community venue where we can come together over food, drink and free music. It ain’t Rustique, which we also dearly love, but it is a warm, welcoming, relatively economical place to meet and enjoy what is uniquely Aspen.

What business has not made financial and other mistakes along the way?

Very few. Even more rare is a place who has a manager that is trying her damn best to make something work that remains a vestige of the old Aspen we all sought and want to continue. Cut owner Michele Kiley some slack, give her the help she needs to make an already very successful establishment financially viable. Give her a chance!

Ray and Lou Stover


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