Crystal trail would have negative impact |

Crystal trail would have negative impact

Time for public comment on the proposed Crystal Valley Trail is quickly coming to a close on Oct. 30.

If you have not driven Highway 133 recently from Carbondale to McClure Pass, I would urge you to do so and imagine what an additional lane of traffic added to the highway would look like. Numerous studies over the last 20 years have all concluded that the measurable negative impact on wildlife and vegetation with the development of a pedestrian/biking multi-use trail is quantitatively and qualitatively different and fundamentally more severe than the human incursion from the existing highway.

Pitkin County Open Space and Trails is ignoring its own stewardship policy in failing to oppose the development of the trail and instead is a complicit partner moving the project forward. Gov. Hickenlooper’s “Colorado the Beautiful” trail initiative does look beautiful on a map, but what will it do to the Crystal River Valley?

Please express your opposition to the trail and contact Pitkin County Open Space and Trails before time runs out.

Karen Moculeski


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