Crown Mountain Park in dire need of more funding |

Crown Mountain Park in dire need of more funding

Ahead of the upcoming vote, it is important to clear up misconceptions surrounding 7A and the fate of Crown Mountain Park.

As one of the founders of the BMX track at Crown Mountain Park, I would like to clarify details about how the bike track is funded and maintained. Five years ago, the track was built 100 percent on donated funds and sweat equity. It continues to be maintained and improved through donor funding and volunteer participation.

Because of my personal involvement with park, I can speak firsthand to the depleted condition of the park’s infrastructure and the dire need for more funding. Just this week alone, I witnessed the main line to the irrigation system burst two separate times as the water was turned on for the year. The park is getting old enough that machinery, tools and equipment, as well as the facility itself, are seriously showing their age.

Finally, because the park is governed by a board of directors, there is full accountability for where funds are spent. There seems to be a perception from the opposition to 7A that the park will suddenly have a huge chunk of money in their account and the staff will spend it as they please. This is not the case. The park has a diverse and well-rounded board of directors that decides where the park’s funds are spent.

Vote YES on 7A to maintain this beautiful community asset.

Heath Johnson

Woody Creek

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