Crown Mountain keeps our children active |

Crown Mountain keeps our children active

One of the things that make this valley so great and unique is the community that resides here. We are generous, kind, thoughtful, willing to listen and healthy of both body and spirit. The first things I listed are things that are taught at home or in a classroom, the second part, being of sound body and mind, is a community effort.

We have a wonderful youth athletics program in this valley that covers many sports. All sports are important for the growth of a child, both physically and mentally. Team sports teach children responsibility, leadership, accountability, teamwork and self respect among many other things. Crown Mountain offers a wonderful area to expose young people to sports and get them ready for life beyond the valley. The entire community benefits, either directly or indirectly, from healthy and productive children. We need to keep Crown Mountain so our kids have a place to stay active and healthy in a team sport atmosphere.

Please vote yes on 7A and keep the children active!!

Aidan Wynn


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