Crown Mountain is responsible for its own upkeep and programs |

Crown Mountain is responsible for its own upkeep and programs

I work with and serve on several regional boards with the Eagle County commissioners. I agree with the commissioners that Crown Mountain Park as an independent recreation district is responsible to fund its own upkeep and programs. However, the proposed mill levy increase goes well beyond the need, especially in light of not having a sunset clause that would allow the voters to revisit the mill levy in the future. It should be noted that the Pitkin County Open Space and Trails program, which is substantially larger than the Crown Mountain Park district, has always had a sunset clause for its mill levy to ensure transparency and accountability.

This coming fall’s general election will have several ballot initiatives, including the reauthorization of the Pitkin County Healthy Community Fund (which sunsets this year) as well as a possible RFTA ballot initiative that Pitkin and Eagle county residents (in the Roaring Fork Valley) will have the opportunity to vote on. The public should have the opportunity to weigh all the competing tax initiatives and determine which ones are really most critical. I again encourage all those in agreement with me to make your voice heard and vote no on the Crown Mountain Recreational District mill levy increase because it is written without a sunset clause. Although the park is a valuable asset, the public deserves proper accountability of public funds.

George Newman

Pitkin County Commissioner

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