County commissioners show their liberal colors |

County commissioners show their liberal colors

I am disappointed in our county commissioners.

Pitkin County is governed by a home rule charter that makes the commissioner position nonpartisan. When you voted for commissioners, they were not shown as affiliated with any party. This is because they are supposed to represent all citizens of Pitkin County, regardless of party. Further, every one of them is elected “at large,” which means the commissioner represents the entire county, not a subdivision.

Extending their middle finger to a large number of the constituents they represent, however, the commissioners spent public funds, collected from taxpayers throughout the county of all political points of view, to send a thinly veiled partisan message to the Trumps during their recent visit here. We all know the commissioners are progressives to a person. How would those commissioners feel if they happened to reside in a home rule county whose commissioners were conservative, and if those commissioners spent public money to publish blatantly conservative newspaper advertisements?

Shame on the county commissioners for making their role blatantly partisan.

Maurice Emmer


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