Council should rethink Columbus Day |

Council should rethink Columbus Day

I totally concur with James DeFrancia’s Sept. 27 letter to editor regarding the Aspen City Council’s response to Columbus Day and its celebration (Council takes hypocritical stand on Columbus Day, The Aspen Times.

To the council, keep in mind that in 2007 the United Nations designated Aug. 9 as International Day of the World’s Indigenous People’s. This proclamation honors 370 million indigenous people from over 70 countries and their contributions. It is on this date that educational panels and other activities would best serve all.

As for Councilman Ward Hauenstein’s disparaging comment regarding Italian-born Christoper Columbus as a “bringer of genocide,” such a divisive critique personally felt like an extended slight to those of Italian heritage. Perhaps, Hauenstein is unaware that Northern Italians, largely Aostans, settled in the Roaring Fork Valley and provided the backbone of the valley’s economy in the early l900s. Hopefully, the council will choose a reasonable outcome.

Louisa B. Caucia

Montrose, California

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