Cooperation vital to Gorsuch Haus |

Cooperation vital to Gorsuch Haus

The extension of the Lift 1A down into town is an act of the clearest urban design logic that needs to happen for Aspen. The lower connection of Lift 1A is the only way that this part of the town and of the mountain can be integrated into the whole of Aspen — and not become the private access of the Gorsuch resort.

“Too complicated” they say, and the parties don’t get along — but most acts of brilliant diplomacy have seemed this way. It is time for the city of Aspen, the City Council and Aspen Skiing Co. to step up to this challenge and work with the developers and land owners to make this functional concept happen. Without this effort to use their influence to compel these parties to cooperate on this endeavor, this will truly be a lost opportunity for the city of Aspen.

Sherrie S. Cutler


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