Consider the sources skeptical of global warming |

Consider the sources skeptical of global warming

Russ Andrews writes of climate change in a similarly simplistic way that Jim Inhofe, Republican senator of Oklahoma, approached the issue: bringing a snowball onto the Senate floor to disprove climate change (“Forget Paris and crunch the numbers,” Commentary, June 7, The Aspen Times).

Mr. Andrews cites the work of “environmentalist” Bjorn Lomborg, Danish author of “The Skeptical Environmentalist,” which the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty ruled to be “scientifically dishonest through misrepresentation of scientific facts.”

Mr. Andrews also cites the work of Alex Epstein, an indirect recipient of donations from one of the most powerful privately held oil companies in the United States, the Koch family. Mr. Epstein currently runs a for-profit think tank and unsurprisingly authored a book of little scientific merit entitled “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels.”

As easy as it is to use numbers to support one’s beliefs, one ought explore the motives of the number-crunchers.

Aaron Hill


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