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CMC board picks

It is an exciting time for Colorado Mountain College. Not long ago, the college celebrated its 50th anniversary and we have launched an ambitious strategic plan for the opening years of our next 50 years.

Aspen, the Roaring Fork Valley and the entire CMC region can be proud of the college and all that it provides to the citizens of our counties. As a member of the board of trustees, I can assure you that our students and our communities are front and center to all of our deliberations.

In the upcoming election, you will have the opportunity to vote on new members of our board. I want to encourage you to cast your vote for Bob Hartzell of Leadville, who is running for the seat currently occupied by Pat Chlouber, who is term limited. Bob is a longtime Leadville resident and a passionate supporter of the college and its contributions to our communities.

In addition, I encourage you to cast your vote for Marianne Virgili who is seeking the seat currently held by Kathy Goudy, who is also term limited. Marianne is the past president of the Glenwood Springs Chamber of Commerce. Like Bob, Marianne has been a longtime supporter of the College and our communities.

Thank your for your consideration!

Peg Portscheller

Battlement Mesa/Parachute

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