Climate change is dead, long live climate change |

Climate change is dead, long live climate change

Besides saving the Christmas season for the ski resorts, the recent cold snap has another upside. Climate change must be over, right?

Science doesn’t think so. Climatologists actually predicted 2017 would be slightly cooler and it looks like, on average, it will be. That still means 10 of the last 12 years have had the highest average temperatures on record and temperatures have been steadily increasing over the last century.

Remember, we’re talking about yearly averages here. February and March and all of last summer and fall were very warm. We’re expected to be back in the furnace next year and an average yearly temperature by as much as 8.6 degrees warmer in 2100 if we don’t do something about greenhouse gas emissions. Sea levels will rise 3.2 mm per year.

Climatologists admit they do not do as good a job predicting precipitation as they do temperatures. That’s where variables like El Nino and La Nina come into play. This accounts for the large snowfalls we saw last January and this month. On temperatures, the climatologists have been right on the money.

The best aspect of the ski industry being saved is maybe it will convince the “drill baby, drill” people that we don’t need oil and gas to support the local economy.

Fred Malo Jr.


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