Civilians can’t be trusted to shoot |

Civilians can’t be trusted to shoot

The Christine Lake Fire has seriously diminished the health and well-being of all the entire valley residencts for nearly the entire summer season. It has severely diminished outdoor recreation and enjoyment for us all. For myself, with intensifying daily headaches, respiratory and sinus issues, I potentially may be needing to leave the valley.

It is a shame there is not more authoritative discretion and governmental common sense in place to completely shut the gun range down indefinitely, at least to the public. As a U.S. infantry veteran and jungle warfare expert, I understand and appreciate the value of having training grounds of various types for the police and public safety officials. This same insight leads me to see, within our current state of the environment, with a growing mental-illness crisis, not to mention common lack of judgment, to allow civilians of any kind to continue this type of recreation.

Jim Kehoe


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