City shouldn’t take prime real estate |

City shouldn’t take prime real estate

Although the finances and timeline seem to favor the purchase of Mark Hunt’s property, but at what cost? We need to examine what this investment means to the greater good of the community, entrepreneurs and spirit in which this town is rooted. To use primary restaurant and commercial space for Aspen City offices seems counter-productive to the envisioned land-use codes. Placing a civic building that will only be operating from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed on weekends and holidays will dampen the progress that Aspen is working to develop. Over the past year, the Hopkins/Galena corner has seen increased vitality each year and is continues to grow with lots of synergy between the small businesses currently occupying those commercial spaces.

I understand that the current Galena Plaza is held up with lawsuits, but these lawsuits will still have to be addressed eventually. Why postpone the inevitable at the high cost to community morale and that of local business owners. Also, Aspen’s residents voted the City Council into office to make the best decisions for the short and long term wellness of our city. It will be most unfortunate if the council allows a few squeaky wheels to alter Aspen’s legacy for generations to come.

Kelli Roman


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