City must honor deal with Dolensicks |

City must honor deal with Dolensicks

The city of Aspen must honor the wishes of the family that has practically donated its property to the public, even though it means we can’t extend Lift 1A down to Dean Street.

The Dolensick family sold their property between Monarch Street and Willoughby Park to the city of Aspen and Aspen Valley Land Trust at a deep discount for use as a public park. One of the conditions of the sale was a ban on lift operations both on and over their property. That’s right: A lift isn’t allowed to go over their property. The land extends into the area that would be used to move the lift down the hill, so that means it can’t go all the way to Dean Street. Period.

The Dolensicks have occupied that land for multiple generations. They have been extremely generous toward the community by selling it to us for a few million dollars. They could have sold it to a developer for much, much more, but instead of more condos we get a great park. It is incumbent on Aspenites and their city leaders to honor this family’s wishes.

Vanessa Corona


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