City Council needs parking creativity |

City Council needs parking creativity

Mitch Osur (city parking manager, who ultimately is a tool of City Council) wants to take more money from parkers who return to the meter every 59 minutes to re-up parking hour by hour. Meanwhile, City Council is rushing to give the President For Life of Aspen (a.k.a. City Manager Steve Barwick) a whopping raise. Irony oozes.

City Council rewards inertia and mediocrity in city management while punishing the resourcefulness and energy of parkers. Instead, the indolent mayor and council members should be replaced by any five of those parkers who have the adaptability, initiative, drive and ingenuity to minimize their personal parking expenses. We need a council with the vigor and imagination to install better a city management, not a council whose idea of progress is rewarding unremarkable management while punishing imagination.

Maurice Emmer


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