Change or die |

Change or die

When Ford came out with the Model T, Fisher Carriage saw the handwriting on the wall. They’re horse drawn carriages were becoming obsolete. If they wanted to survive, they’d better make a change.

So Fisher Carriage became Fisher Body and they made car bodies for Ford and the other automobile makers. Fossil fuel industry, take heed, Your product is becoming obsolete.

Even Pope Francis is sounding a warning. His message to a recent conference of Big Oil executives? Leave it in the ground.

Don’t wanna listen to the pope? How about Wall Street? The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis recently reported,”In the past several years, oil industry financial statements have revealed significant signs of strain: Profits have dropped, cash flow is down, balance sheets are deteriorating and capital spending is falling. The stock market has recognized the sector’s overall weakness, punishing oil and gas shares over the past five years even as the market as a whole has soared.”

If the fossil fuel industry had as much brains as they have money, they’d switch to renewable’s.

Fred Malo Jr.


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