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Cellphone city tax a scam for some

Many Valley residents may be over paying on their cell phone, cable/satellite TV bills. Many of us may receive our mail out of the Aspen, Basalt, or Carbondale post offices, but not physically live in those towns. I looked at the detail billing on my cell provider’s bill and saw a listing and payment for City tax. Living in rural Eagle County and in NO city, I called to question the charge. After some persistent wrangling, escalating finally to a Supervisor, I was told they could make a change in actual listing to El Jebel instead of Carbondale and the tax would be dropped. The billing address can remain as Carbondale. The cell weasels would only credit me back $25, but my costs would be reduced a bit going forward.

This may be true for many services and many people. If you live outside of a city, read your detail billing statements and see if you are paying City tax. You may be paying too much!

Rich Downing

Carbondale (Greater Metropolitan El Jebel)

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