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Celestial building a project on steroids

I live in Aspen because of its beauty and rural character. It is the Board of County Commissioners’ job to protect us from ill-conceived development projects that hurt our environment and quality of life. I have been following the fight about the Celestial building site on Maroon Creek for the past few years. The Celestial building project is an opportunity for the BOCC to just say no. This is a project on steroids. It is slated to be built in an avalanche area, so previous members of the BOCC ruled that it has to have giant, cement walls on all sides of any building in order to mitigate the avalanche issue. All of this is being done in a nearly pristine wilderness area, along a cliff face that is a key feature of the beauty of Maroon Creek Valley. If and when the current Celestial building permit expires, the BOCC has a unique opportunity to set new standards for development in rural parts of the county, standards that don’t involve damaging the wilderness with unsustainable building projects.

Ajax Phillips


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