Cars drive economic growth |

Cars drive economic growth

As I was walking into town July 3 from the West End, I noticed there were a tremendous number of cars parked north of Main Street not far from the core taking advantage of the two-hour free parking in neighborhoods. Congratulations to our parking guru. It looks like the increase in parking rates in the has, indeed, caused a reduction in parking in the core. Of course, I feel sorry for those residents on Bleeker, Aspen Street and First. If the City Council and the unelected managers really want to grow Aspen’s economy (as evidenced by their wanting to build/lease a new municipal building), why don’t they encourage cars in the core rather than discouraging them. Cars bring economic growth. Embrace it by building an underground parking structure rather than pursuing the Quixotic goal of replacing cars in the core with bikes. We do have mining in our DNA, after all.

Jake Brace


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