Broadcaster’s words caused static |

Broadcaster’s words caused static

Broadcaster’s words caused static

Since I had to work in Delta County and was unable to attend the high school football semifinal between Basalt and Delta, I was pleased to discover that the game was being broadcast online over the Colorado Sports Network. For the most part, the play-by-play announcer, Jim Williams, did a good job of calling the game. However, once it was clear that Basalt would lose the game, he turned nasty. I take strong issue with his completely biased statements regarding Delta players, students, parents and school staff. More than once he directly stated that Basalt players and their supporters were of strong character whereas Delta players and fans were “cocky” and less honorable. Such broad-brush statements condemning an entire team, student body, school staff and neighboring community have absolutely no place on the airwaves and I hope he is soundly disciplined for his unkind remarks. Personally, if I ever see his name associated with a broadcast, I will give him and his sponsors a miss.

Donald Benjamin


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